Monday, January 5, 2009

On January 5

On this day in ...
... 1914 (95 years ago today), Henry Ford announced what the New York Times called "one of the most remarkable business moves of his remarkable career"; that is, a plan to share profits with and guarantee wages of the persons he employed to build automobiles. Wages were to be set at no fewer than $5 an hour, and no one was to be fire until being offered a chance to try any job available at the Ford Motor Co. These days Ford executives are bidding for a federal bailout. (credit for 1914 photo of employees painting a new Ford on the assembly line)
... 1943, amid World War II, a judgment of the Supreme Court of Canada (right) bearing the caption Reference as to the Validity of the Regulations in Relation to Chemicals Enacted by Order in Council and of an Order of the Congroller of Chemicals Made Pursuant Thereto upheld the War Measures Act of 1914, which gave to the federal Cabinet emergency powers to govern by decree should it perceive the existence of "war, invasion or insurrection, real or apprehended."

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