Monday, February 9, 2009

A comment about comments

Readers may have noticed numerous deletions of comments recently. We get few comments, which is fine -- we're most happy readership is 'way up -- but recently those we've been getting are little more than thinly (or not at all) disguised ads, lures to get our readers to links not germane to IntLawGrrls' venture. Accordingly, today we move to moderated comments -- only those that do contribute to the dialogue in the post to which it's appended will appear on the blog. Let's hope this does the trick, at a time when many blogs are shifting to a no-comments policy.

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Patrick S. O'Donnell said...

I don't think it's true that "many" blogs are shifting to a "no comments" policy. Rather, some are doing things more along the lines you've decided to do here: more closely monitor and/or moderate comments. Even Balkinization, which has closed comments on some posts, allows its authors to decide whether or not to post comments. Comments are alive and well at virtually all of the fifty or so blogs I regularly visit. I do think some "regulation" of comments is important, owing to the reasons you cite here. But as one who enjoys commenting (and thus valuing the opportunity for same) and has learned much from the comments of others, I do hope there is not a trend toward simply closing comments. (I suspect 'blogging norms' will eventually take hold such that some of the current problems will recede in significance.)