Tuesday, March 3, 2009

IntLawGrrls' golden birthday

Today, on the 3d day of the 3d month (in a year we might abbreviate as 3-squared), we're delighted to celebrate IntLawGrrls' 3d birthday.
We've grown like Topsy since our 1st Grrls' Day 3 years ago -- from a few voices to, now, 30 IntLawGrrls plus more than 3 dozen guests/alumnae. Contributors have hailed from 5 continents and no fewer than 10 countries. Together we've:
► Honored more than 40 transnational foremothers -- not only inspiring women of wide renown, like Eleanor Roosevelt, but also figures like Nadia Younes, for whom we hope to help entrench a place in the global memory; and
► Published more than 2,000 posts, on issues ranging from Guantánamo to girl soldiers, Cambodia to climate change, the Democratic Republic of Congo to disability rights.
Oh, and our blog's been viewed more than 200,000 times since that 1st visit 3 years ago.

Heartfelt thanks to all -- to the subjects of our posts, to all the 'Grrls, and, most especially, to our readers!

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