Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Why subject legal thought to SurveyMonkey?

Regarding the most-influential-legal-thinker poll that Fiona describes below, the devious among us might wonder whether Brian made his entered-profession-by-1960s cutoff with the devilish purpose of generating feminist buzz.
On reading it last night I myself set to pounce -- to e-mail Brian to find out how Catharine A. Mackinnon (right), to name one unquestionably influential 20th C. legal thinker -- had been omitted. Alas, I learned from WikiPedia that though she's but a few years younger than nominee Bruce Ackerman, she seems not to have earned her J.D. till well after him. No surprise; later entry into one's profession is a hallmark of women's progess.
Even considered within its own time frame, the poll is sadly Anglo-Amero-centric. In a comment to Fiona's post Hannah Arendt (left) was rightly nominated by our colleague Kevin Jon Heller. In global circles the name of my colleague Mireille Delmas-Marty (below) surely would surface. I know others will have other names.
There are so many women and men who've influenced our legal thinking. Do we really need one man's list to tell us who they are?

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