Thursday, March 26, 2009

Write On! Human trafficking conference

(Write On! is an occasional item about notable calls for papers.) Papers and poster presentations are sought for the 1st annual Interdisciplinary Conference on Human Trafficking: What We Know and What We Need to Know, to be held October 29-31, 2009, at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.
Organizers intend to develop a research agenda by bringing together researchers from many disciplines, as well as persons from government and from nongovernmental organizations who have responsibility for anti-trafficking efforts.
Papers from disciplines such as the social sciences, economics and business, law, journalism, womens’ and gender studies, public health, math and statistics, and education are welcome, on topics that may include:
► Causes, routes and patterns, and the extent of the problem domestically and globally
► Successes and failures in combating human trafficking
► Corporate social responsibility
► Prostitution demand and human trafficking
► Illegal immigration, human smuggling, and human trafficking
► Corruption
► Finding, identifying, and rehabilitating victims
► Economic analyses
► Public awareness
► Organ trafficking
► Trafficking in children and adoption fraud
► Training anti-trafficking workers
► Analyses of existing and needed laws and of international cooperation and institutions
Abstracts are due soon, March 30, 2009, and should be sent to Roméo Guerra at Details about the conference, for which Dr. Kevin Bales (prior posts) will be the keynote speaker, are here; about paper and poster presentation submissions, here; about registration, here.

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(mew) said...

Lincoln is a wonderful city for holding this type of interdisciplinary conference. I encourage people to submit proposals and to attend the conference in October.

Mark Wojcik