Monday, July 13, 2009

Go on! ICC anniversary in So.Cal.

(Go On! is an occasional item on symposia of interest) Join the International Criminal Court Alliance for its "World Day of International Justice" this Friday, July 17, at Southwestern Law School in Los Angeles, California. The event will commemorate the 11th anniversary, on the same day, of the adoption of the Rome Treaty of the International Criminal Court.
Featured speakers will include:
Antônia Pereira de Sousa, Associate Cooperation Officer with the Jurisdiction, Complementarity and Cooperation Division of the Office of the Prosecutor at the ICC;
David Kaye, Executive Director of the International Human Rights Program at UCLA School of Law and former U.S. State Department attorney; and
Edwin Smith, Professor of Law and International Relations at the University of Southern California.
The focus of the conference will be the need for international cooperation to realize the ICC's goals. This topic is particularly timely given the African Union's decision last week not to cooperate with the ICC's indictment against Sudan's President Omar Hassan al-Bashir Suggested donation for the event is $10; RSVPs can be directed to

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