Tuesday, July 14, 2009

On plagiarism & politeness

Dear Readers,

It was brought to our attention that a reader pasted our entire post entitled Seeking Truth, Justice & Reconciliation in Kenya, in full, with same title, and without attribution either to IntLawGrrls blog or the post's individual author. A look at that reader's blog archive reveals that the same thing's been done with more than half a dozen of our other posts.
With all due respect, this is very bad form. (Though lawyers, we'll resist mentioning law.)
It is of course a compliment to learn that others appreciate our posts enough to flag them for their own readers. But when doing so, please:
►Paste no more than a couple-few key quotes;
►Name as sources both IntLawGrrls blog and the individual author, whose name can be found in the pink byline just below the post; and
►Then simply link to the full post.
This is, after all, what's good and polite blogging form.

Heartfelt thanks for your understanding,


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