Sunday, July 19, 2009

Write On! New Law Profs @ AALS

(Write On! is an occasional item about notable calls for papers.) The New Law Professors Section of the Association of American Law Schools is calling for papers for AALS' 2010 Annual Meeting January 6-10, 2010, in New Orleans, Louisiana.
Selected will be 4 papers by new law professors; that is, faculty members who, as of July 1, 2009, have been full-time law teachers for 5 or fewer years. All 4 persons chosen will be invited to speak at the New Law Professors Panel, thus receiving a chance "to present and get feedback on their work, network with more established scholars in their field, and hone their presentation skills." Their papers will be published in the Stetson Law Review.
Papers should relate to the theme of this year's annual meeting, "Transformative Law." Topics thus might include:
► Legal or legislative reform;
► The current economic crisis;
► Policy initiatives;
► Particular judicial perspectives or interpretations; or
► Intersections between law and social sciences.
Deadline for submissions is 5:00 pm (Eastern time, one presumes) on August 15, 2009. As detailed here, a 1-page abstract plus the draft article should be e-mail by then, with a cc: to Section Chair Joe Morrissey (who's also happy to answer any questions about this call).

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