Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Support this amazing 1L

Midway through Intro Week here at California-Davis, an amazing 1L is on a quest to earn a $10,000 scholarship to help defray law school "fees" that, thanks to California's budget crisis, have gone through the roof these last years.
My-Linh Le (left), Class of 2012, explains in the clip below, via wonderful animation, video, and voiceover, why she chose to cut short a career in dance in order to enter law school:
[L]aw completed her. She also decided that artists, filmmakers, musicians, choreographers, writers, and the like could probably use some legal advice every now and then, too.
The video's so good that My-Linh's now a finalist in Access Group's $10,000 "My Inspiration" scholarship contest.
Please vote for My-Linh here, on every computer you have, every day through Friday, August 21. With a few computer clicks you can do a lot to help this IntLawGrrl-in-the-making one day to help others.

(heartfelt thanks to California-Davis 3L Emil Dixon for technical assistance)

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