Monday, September 14, 2009

On the Job! Officers at Interights

(On the Job! pays occasional notice to interesting intlaw job notices) INTERIGHTS, the quarter-century-old International Centre for the Protection of Human Rights, is seeking applicants for 2 key positions:

The person filling this full-time, London-based position will have "excellent communication skills in both spoken and written English," and must be able "to provide overall leadership, strategic direction and management," to "develo[p] and implementing INTERIGHTS’ three year strategic plan"; to "play a key role in developing the organisation’s policies and programmes"; and help determine the organization's role "within the human rights movement." Duties include management, finance, personnel, fundraising, and communication.
Deadline for applications is October 12, 2009; details here.

This 3-day-a-week, London-based, job share (the other Litigation Director works 3 days a week at The Hague) "supports the litigation work of INTERIGHTS’ team of nine international human rights lawyers, helping to select cases, developing strategies and finalize briefs, to ensure the highest possible quality of our litigation."
Deadline to apply for this post is also October 12, 2009; details here.

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