Friday, September 18, 2009

On September 18

On this day in ...
... 1861, Ella Cora Hind (right) was born in Toronto, Canada. She eventually moved to Winnipeg, where she tried to get a job at the Free Press; turned away, she worked as a stenographer and continued to submit articles for publication. In 1901 she became the newspaper's agricultural editor "and an expert on the western Canadian wheat crop yield." Canada's "first western female journalist," she was elected President of the Canadian Women's Press Club in 1904. She was a women's suffragist and temperance advocate, and took part in a famous Mock Parliament in 1914 in Winnipeg, during which delegates "defeated a motion to give the vote to men." Hind published Seeing for Myself (1937), a memoir of her round-the-world study of agriculture. A Time magazine obituary when she died in 1942, at ag 81:
Those who saw Cora Hind on her tours through the wheat never forgot her. A sturdy, schoolmarmish spinster, she wore high leather boots, a cowgirl skirt, flat-crowned sombrero, and a beaded buckskin coat which hung to her knees. This getup was discarded in her later years in favor of ill-fitting riding breeches, shirt and high boots. She carried rubber hip boots in case of rain.

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