Sunday, October 4, 2009

Ireland's aye sends EU eastward

The Irish Times sees yesterday's vote overwhelmingly in favor of the Lisbon Treaty as a
clear signal that the overwhelming majority of voters want Ireland to remain an outward looking country at the heart of the European project, rather than retreating back to an isolated position on the periphery.
The stress by all those campaigning for a Yes vote on the economy and jobs, rather than the intricate details of the Lisbon Treaty, was crucial in keeping the minds of voters on the big picture rather than having them distracted by the legal intricacies of the treaty.
An allied issue was whether the people of Ireland wanted their country to be perceived a vibrant member of the biggest trading block in the world or a disgruntled small nation standing in the way of progress.
As IntLawGrrls have posted, the vote came a year after Ireland had voted "No" on the same pact to enhance regional integration via the European Union. The EU itself wasted no time moving eastward to the Czech Republic and Poland. Le Monde reports:
In their letters of congratulations, the principal leaders of the EU immediately appealed to Prague, as well as Warsaw, not to block the entry into force of the new European institutional framework.

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