Saturday, October 10, 2009

On October 10

On this day in ...
... 1939 (70 years ago today), Eleanor Rigby died, 64 years after her birth and 27 years before The Beatles would release a song of the same name. (Video clips here.) Though the band members were vague about the source of the name, many believe that this woman was the inspiration: eventually the gravestone at right, which bears her name, was noticed in the Liverpool-area St. Peter Churchyard, "where John Lennon and Paul McCartney first met." The Guardian wrote last year:
McCartney was forced to concede that reading her epitaph when larking around in the grounds of St Peter's with John in the early days may have been a subconscious influence when he needed to come up with a believable name for his
forsaken spinster.
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Judith Weingarten said...

Your readers might enjoy my take on Eleanor Rigby is Real

Diane Marie Amann said...

Thanks for this, Judith!

I am tickled to learn too that nearly 1 out of 4 British teens believe Winston Churchill was a fictional character (