Sunday, October 11, 2009

On October 11

On this day in ...

... 1884 (125 years ago today), a daughter, Anna Eleanor (left), was born in New York to Elliott and Anna Hall Roosevelt. Her father was from "a wealthy family of Dutch descent," and both parents "were prominent socially." Both died before the daughter was 10 years old, and she lived with her grandmother till she was sent to boarding school in England. (credit for 1898 school portrait) She returned to New York at age 18, eventually meeting and beginning a courtship with her distant cousin, a Columbia law student. On March 17, 1905, her uncle, President Theodore Roosevelt, stood in as father of the bride at the wedding of Eleanor Roosevelt to Franklin Delano Roosevelt. As is well known, the couple themselves eventually would occupy the White House, and play key roles during the Depression, World War II, and postwar reconstruction. On account of her contributions to human rights, Eleanor Roosevelt is among IntLawGrrls' 1st transnational foremothers.

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