Saturday, December 19, 2009

Online women's museum

Just stumbled on a most intriguing concept -- a museum present not as bricks and mortar in some city, but rather online everywhere.
It's the International Musuem of Women, by its own description
a groundbreaking social change museum that connects and inspires people with powerful ideas and new ways of thinking that transform women's lives and the world. With its unique focus on cultural change, I.M.O.W. advances the human right to gender equity worldwide.
The online version appears to have emerged a few years ago, out of an earlier, more traditional effort that had begun in 1985. Its prior online exhibits -- all multilingual -- include "Imagining Ourselves: A Global Generation of Women," launched in 2006, and "Women, Power and Politics," launched in 2008. Currently featured is "Economica: Women and the Global Economy," online since October.I.M.O.W. also undertakes education and events.
Check it out.

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