Saturday, March 6, 2010

Expulsion repulsion

Causing concern in France these days are cases in which the government's kicked out of the country women who've cried for help.
Among them is Najlae Lhimer (left (credit)), a 19-year-old student who resided in the north-central département of Loiret. As reported in Le Monde, she'd fled her home in Morocco in 2005 in order to escape from forced marriage -- only to end up living with a brother who "mistreated her regularly."
A few weeks ago Lhimer filed an official complaint alleging that she was the victim of domestic violence. Police responded quickly. But not as she'd hoped. Within days, she was sent back to Morocco.
Hers is not a unique case. It's reported that 4 battered women in Loiret have been threatened with expulsion or actually expelled. As a result, legislator Danielle Bousquet (below right (credit)) has urged

'a moratorium on the expulsions of foreign women who are the victims of violence.'

Protests have been ongoing, and more are planned for this weekend in the runup to International Women's Day, which as we've posted, is this Monday, March 8.

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