Friday, April 2, 2010

Go On! Trafficking conference today

(Go On! is an occasional item on symposia and other events of interest) Blogreaders in the Twin Cities take note:
Today the University of Minnesota Law School is hosting the 2010 International Congress on Human Trafficking. Experts in areas like human trafficking, international criminal law, international children’s issues, and victimized populations will examine:
► Trafficking for labor, drugs, sex, and military purposes;
► The vulnerability of children to traffickers in the wake of international disasters; and
► Methods to combat this problem.
Organizing this conference is Michele Bratcher Goodwin, Everett Fraser Professor of Law at Minnesota. A 2d conference, on organ trafficking, is to be held next month in Brazil.
Among the many who will take part today are 2 of IntLawGrrls' guests/alumnae, Luz Estella Nagle (Stetson) and L. Song Richardson (DePaul).
Conference details here.

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