Friday, June 11, 2010

On June 11

On this day in ...
... 1936, the International Surrealist Exhibition opened at the New Burlington Galleries in London, England, and ran through July 4. Every day about a thousand people attended this landmark showing, which featured occasional lectures by surreal artists such as Salvador Dalí, 3d from left in the top row at right. (credit for photo also depicting women involved in the project, among them, seated from left, Diana Brinton Lee, Nusch Éluard, Eileen Agar, Sheila Legge, "and an unidentified friend of Dalí") The tenor of these events is apparent in this recollection by the surrealist poet David Gascoyne:
'I remember Dali gave a lecture in a diving suit, a proper diving suit complete with a metal helmet. He had one of those lantern shows that didn't work very well and it got very hot inside the suit and I remember having to go out and try to find a spanner to get him out of the suit.'

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