Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Nominate ASIL's new leaders

The 2010-2011 Nominating Committee of the American Society of International Law -- chaired by IntLawGrrl and ASIL Past President Lucy Reed, and also including our colleagues Curtis A. Bradley, Susan L. Karamanian, Daniel M. Price, Adrien Katherine Wing, and Sean D. Murphy -- is seeking nominations of ASIL members for election to the leadership posts listed below. Self-nominations are welcome.
ASIL President-Elect, expected to be drawn from the Society's practitioner members, who would begin a two-year term as President beginning in March 2012.
ASIL Vice Presidents, 2 persons to serve 1-year terms typically renewable for a 2d year, taking a leadership role on a Society project. One candidate will be drawn from among academics (to succeed yours truly), the other from among practitioners.
Executive Council, 8 to be chosen to join the Society's chief governing body for 3-year terms, and thus to provide leadership in at least one of ASIL's programs, as well as attend biennial Council meetings.
Counsellors, up to 8 to be chosen from among ASIL's more senior members, to serve 3-year terms as nonvoting members of the Executive Council, attending all biennial Council meetings.
The deadline for nominating candidates for these positions, all of which will be filled by election at the Society's annual meeting next March, is August 15, 2010. Nominations, to be e-mailed no later than that date to, must follow the guidelines detailed here. The Committee will particularly seek to enhance the diversity of the Society's leadership and to nominate those who have evidenced a willingness to contribute time and effort to the work of the Society.

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