Friday, August 6, 2010

Congratulations to Diane!

I am pleased to report that today in San Francisco, IntLawGrrls' founder Diane Marie Amann (center) received the 2010 Mayre Rasmussen Award for the Advancement of Women in International Law at the American Bar Association annual meeting. We've posted previously on the details of the award here. It was an honor to be there, along with IntLawGrrl Connie de la Vega (right).
As Diane would say, "Heartfelt congratulations!"


Jaya Ramji-Nogales said...

Congratulations, Diane. What a well-deserved honor! Thank you for your tireless efforts to promote women in international law.

Stephanie Farrior said...

Very well-deserved indeed! One cannot help but think of Diane in reading the description of this award, which is given to "individuals who have achieved professional excellence in international law, encouraged women to engage in international law careers, enabled women lawyers to attain international law job positions from which they were excluded historically, or advanced opportunities for women in international law." Congratulations, Diane!

Mary L. Dudziak said...