Thursday, September 30, 2010

Go On! Proving International Sex Crimes

The Forum for International Criminal and Humanitarian Law in connection with Yale University and the University of Cape Town is hosting a seminar on "Proving International Sex Crimes" in New Haven on Oct. 15-16, 2010.
Professor Morten Bergsmo (University of Oslo, Visiting Professor at Georgetown Law Center) (right) is organizing the seminar and will also serve as a moderator for IntLawGrrls' workshop two weeks later on Gender and International Criminal Law at ASIL's Tillar House.
The purpose of the Yale seminar is to

advance the discourse on international gender crimes by addressing one of its weakest links, the effective enforcement of individual criminal responsibility for such violations, in particular for those with higher responsibility.

Key questions to be explored include:

  • What are the legal requirements for such crimes for the different forms of participation in their commission?
  • Which requirements are conduct-specific and which refer to the context in which the conduct occurred?
  • How have the different legal requirements been proved in cases?
  • Where do the main difficulties lie and what are the typical excuses?
  • What is the significance of 'systematic' sexual violence, sexual violence as a 'tool or instrument of warfare', and sexual violence as 'persecution'?
  • What can be learned from the prosecution of other international crimes for the prosecution of sex crimes?
The full program is available here.
Speakers include our colleagues:
IntLawGrrl Kelly Dawn Askin (Open Society Justice Initiative)
IntLawGrrl Beth Hillman (Hastings School of Law, Visiting Professor at Santa Clara University School of Law) (left)
Elisabeth Wood (Yale University) (right)
David Cohen (U.C. Berkeley)
Hope to see you there!

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