Saturday, September 25, 2010

On Art! Long-toothed Giraffe

(On Art! is an occasional item on artifacts of transnational culture)

Our colleague Edward Gordon has alerted us to Digital Giraffe, at age 16 among the oldest monthly webzines in continuous existence.
Creator of the site is digital painter artist Corinne Whitaker (right), Ed's sister. As evinced by subheads like "Paintings" and "Blobs" (featuring pics of her work, like Insectual (© 2010), below left), not to mention "Long Live the Crankies!," Giraffe features an eclectic mix of art and other news.
A couple of Giraffe's links will interest even the less arty among IntLawGrrls' readers:
► "Y Not," a running digest of news about women(whose XX chromosomes = not Y); and
► "Global Visitors," with links to a global newspaper site and a world clock.

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