Thursday, April 21, 2011

Darfur report reviewed

Pleased to note that the report on Darfur just published by the California International Law Center at King Hall, University of California, Davis, School of Law, and the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Human Rights is the subject of this article at NL-Aid, a website that today joins our "connections" list at right.
After describing the contents of the report -- entitled Toward Peace with Justice in Darfur: A Framework for Accountability -- author Cassandra Clifford, founder and executive director of the Bridge to Freedom Foundation, concludes:
[W]hile this report will clearly have an impact, efforts to bring a full-scale peace are sadly not striking deep enough, as the continuous suffering and killing in Darfur rages on. As an international community we have, and are, continuing to fail the people of Darfur, as only a handful of activists and international aid actors have stood untied against the genocide and continuing sexual violence. As the people countless, mostly women, children and elderly remain displaced and under threat of food shortage, disease and violence true peace lies deep in the shadows. However the forward and extensive thinking to address the long-term impacts of the future will make great strides in easing the peoples burden as well as to prevent future atrocities.

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