Sunday, April 17, 2011

Go On! Women/equality/AALS

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The Association of American Law Schools will host a Workshop on Women Rethinking Equality June 20-22, 2011, at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington, D.C.
The planning committee for the workshop comprises the Chair, Kathryn Abrams (California-Berkeley), and members Serena Mayeri (Pennsylvania), Elizabeth A. Nowicki (Tulane), Angela Onwuachi-Willig (Iowa), IntLawGrrl Lisa R. Pruitt (California-Davis), and Stephanie M. Wildman (Santa Clara).
The workshop aims to address a host of challenges, among them those discussed in this excerpt from the full description:
Women seeking equality in America today face an uneven prospect. Women are represented in record numbers in all branches of government, yet also struggle in unprecedented numbers below the poverty line, and they remain notably absent from many corporate boardrooms. Two more women have been appointed to the Supreme Court, including the first Latina justice; yet the popular debate and confirmation hearings were marred by race and gender stereotypes and by homophobia.
Advocates of same-sex marriage and new reproductive technologies have challenged the traditional family, yet they have been met by efforts to re-naturalize marriage, childbirth, and the place of women in the private sphere. These same contradictions mark women's role in legal education. Women comprise a majority of students in many law schools, yet women are not equally represented in the professoriat. A recent AALS Report revealed a "tenure gap" affecting all women, which was particularly wide and increasing among women of color. The predominance of women in lower-paid, lower-status positions without job security in the legal academy mirrors their relative absence from top positions in law firms, law schools, and other highly paid legal positions. As we address the unfinished business of equality, women confront complex challenges. Some impediments stem from a public perception that the central problems of women's equality were solved a generation ago. Other obstacles - which women are often reluctant to confront - arise from the heterogeneity of the group itself.

All AALS members are welcome, whether or not their scholarship includes a gender focus.
Details on the workshop, registration, and fees here.

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