Friday, April 29, 2011

On April 29

On this day in ...
... 2011 (today), is celebrated International Dance Day, by proclamation of a UNESCO entity, the International Dance Council. The date was chosen in 1982 in honor of Jean-Georges Noverre, a master choreographer who'd been born on this day in 1727 in Paris, France. Events are encouraged:

The main purpose of Dance Day events is to attract the attention of the wider public to the art of dance. Emphasis should be given to addressing a “new” public, people who do not follow dance events during the course of the year.
Make sure that you include general information on the art of dance, its history, its importance to society, its universal character. This can be done in a short speech, a note in the program, a text distributed to those present. By adding this dimension you make the event different from dance activities taking place any other day.

(credit for Eadweard Muybridge's 1893 "Phenakistoscope" entitled "A Couple Waltzing")

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