Thursday, May 26, 2011

Breaking News: Ratko Mladić Captured!

After 16 years on the run, Serbian indictee Ratko Mladić—former commander of the Bosnian Serb Army (the VRS) (right)—was captured today by the Serbian Security Intelligence Agency. He had been living under an assumed name in northern Serbia (map left, photo credit).
Mladić has been under indictment before the International Criminal tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY) since 1995 for genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes. Mladić’s co-accused, Radovan Karadžić, President of the so-called Republika Srpska, was arrested in 2008 and has been on trial in The Hague since 2009.
The long-awaited arrest of Mladić opens the way to Serbia’s membership in the European Union, which has been contingent upon a showing of full cooperation with the ICTY.
Following the arrest of Mladic, only one indictee out of 161 remains at large: Goran Hadžić (right), former President of Republic of Srpska Krajina (a Serb break-away republic in Croatia), who has been indicted for crimes against humanity and war crimes.
The ICTY press release on the arrest is here; the Office of the Prosecutor's statement is here.

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