Thursday, May 12, 2011

On the Job: Amnesty International

Amnesty international has recently posted a position that might be of interest to our readers: Programme Director - Gender, Sexuality and Identity.

The Gender, Sexuality, and Identity Programme is responsible for intersectional analysis that captures the complexity of multifaceted identities—the combination of gender, sexuality, race, religion, ethnicity, Indigenous status, and other identities that make up who we are—and identifies the ways that human rights abuses target these multifaceted identities. The Programme provides strategic vision and leadership, and ensures that AI has the research, legal and policy analysis and campaigning skills to challenge such abuses effectively, and to support advocacy for effective redress. The Programme promotes and supports human rights defenders who are confronting such abuses, and conducts research and develops policy positions and advocacy strategies on expanding international recognition and promotion of the notion of dissent as critical to the protection of other human rights.

Here are the job functions:

  1. To provide leadership and vision for Amnesty International’s work on human rights and the intersection of gender, sexuality, and other aspects of identity.

  2. To ensure that Amnesty International has the research and analysis needed to advocate effectively for swift, decisive and rights-respecting responses to violations based on identify.

  3. To lead and ensure the effective implement of global and movement-wide strategies on gender, sexuality and identity.

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