Thursday, May 19, 2011

On May 19

On this day in ...
... 1941, Lola Ridge (right) died at her home in Brooklyn, New York. (photo credit) She'd been born Rose Emily Ridge 67 years earlier in Dublin, Ireland. She and her mother eventually moved to New Zealand and Australia, where Lola grew up poor in a household that also included a stepfather who became violent when drunk. In her early 20s Ridge married, divorced, immigrated to San Francisco, settled in New York, and married again. She worked as a model, illustrator, and writer. A colleague of Emma Goldman, Ridge won recognition for her work as an editor of "avant-garde, feminist, and Marxist publications" and her own anarchist poetry. Here's a passage describing denizens of Hester Street in her poem "The Ghetto," published in a 1918 volume:
Sarah and Anna live on the floor above.
Sarah is swarthy and ill-dressed.
Life for her has no ritual.
She would break an ideal like an egg for the winged thing at the core.

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