Monday, May 9, 2011

Upbeat take on ICC record

Criticism of the record of the International Criminal Court is in no small supply, as a quick skim of our own posts will prove.
Thus it's worth noting the upbeat note struck last week by Sir Geoffrey Bindman QC, a London-based civil liberties/human rights specialist.
In a Guardian op-ed entitled "The international criminal court's task is monumental – and vital," Bindman:
► Acknowledged common complaints that the ICC process is too dilatory, noting that Prosecutor Louis Moreno-Ocampo (right) likely will have completed his 9-year term before the court's 1st trial, Lubanga, comes to an end;
► Pointed to the apparently swift work of investigators in the Libya situation as promise of change afoot; and, most significantly,
► Enumerated why, in Bindman's view, "the problems of the ICC are structural and inherent in the magnitude of its task."
Well worth a read.

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