Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bashir in China

The Le Monde headline says it all:

La Chine reçoit le président soudanais en grande pompe

That is, China has welcomed Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir "in grand pomp" and circumstance.
A most notable circumstance:
As our blogreaders well know, Bashir's named in an international warrant for arrest, on charges including genocide, issued by the International Criminal Court.
China's not a party to the ICC Statute. But it is, of course, among the 5 permanent members of the Security Council, the U.N. entity that in 2005 referred to the ICC the situation in Darfur, the wartorn western region of Sudan. Yet in spite of the result of that referral, China's giving Bashir "the red carpet treatment."
And what of other P-5 members? Britain's Telegraph reports with respect to another nonparty to the ICC:

'The US State department said it continued to 'oppose invitations, facilitation, support for travel by ICC indictees'. However, the US is thought to have tacitly condoned al-Bashir's visit, calling on China to help broker peace between the North and South.'

(And see here.)
Bashir arrived following his attendance at a conference sponsored by Iran, also an ICC nonparty -- but only after being refused air passage over Turkmenistan, yet a 4th nonparty state.

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