Thursday, June 23, 2011

'Grrl blogging

(Delighted to welcome back alumna Jacqueline Hodgson, who contributes this guest post)

I'd like to introduce IntLawGrrls readers to my new online venture, called, aptly enough, Jackie Hodgson's blog.
This occasional blog, the link to which joins IntLawGrrls "connections" list in the righthand column, reflects on current developments in French criminal justice as well as broader reform in comparative criminal justice. Posts so far consider reforms of the rights of suspects held for police intrerrogatio in France (here and here), paying particular attention to the impact of European Court of Human Rights caselaw in shaping this. There is also a reflection post on the portrayal of defence lawyers as corrupt, and somehow always against the interests of achieving justice, in the US television series The Wire and the French series Spiral. This was designed to stimulate thought for "The Future of the Adversarial System," a conference held this past April at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
Future posts will follow developments in France, as well as the new European Union measures that will require all EU states to put in place key procedural safeguards for suspects.
Comments, suggestions and pointers to further information always welcome!

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