Monday, August 8, 2011

Cindy Soohoo to CUNY Law ...

I am delighted that IntLawGrrls' guest/alumna, and my Penn Law classmate, Cindy Soohoo (right), will be joining the faculty of CUNY School of Law this fall. Cindy will head CUNY’s International Women’s Human Rights Clinic.
Cindy comes to CUNY from the Center for Reproductive Rights, where she directed the Center’s U.S. Legal Program. Before that, Cindy spent seven years as the director of the Bringing Human Rights Home Project, at Columbia School of Law’s Human Rights Institute, where she was also a supervising attorney for the law school's Human Rights Clinic. That experience produced the three-volume book Bringing Human Rights Home, which Cindy co-edited with Catherine Albisa (whom we had to good fortune to tempt to CUNY, albeit temporarily) and Martha Davis.
Cindy has written extensively on the right to health, social justice activism, and the domestic application of human rights norms.
We are very lucky to have Cindy joining us at CUNY. The clinic she will head was founded by our dearly missed colleague Rhonda Copelon (left) who was truly a champion of human rights (and whom IntLawGrrls honor as a foremother). (photo courtesy of CUNY Law) CUNY Law’s International Women’s Human Rights Clinic engages in groundbreaking advocacy in the areas of violence against women and reproductive, sexual, and economic justice.
In running the clinic, Cindy will be assisted by my colleague, and former student, Lisa Davies.

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RSlye said...

Congratulations Cindy! That is great news - great for you,for CUNY, and for human rights.