Wednesday, August 24, 2011

On August 24

On this day in ...
... 1901 (110 years ago today), Clara Louise Maass (right), a 25-year-old nurse who worked on contract for the U.S. Army in Cuba, died there after agreeing twice to be bitten by infected mosquitoes in order to aid research into yellow fever, a disease plaguing military personnel there. (Prior IntLawGrrls posts on this malady here and here.) She been born in 1876 in East Orange, New Jersey, the eldest of 9 children, and by age 19 had completed a 2-year nursing training in Newark. In addition to Cuba, Maass had served as a nurse to U.S. servicemembers stricken by smallpox, typhoid, and yellow fever in the Philippines. The United States' human-subject experiments on yellow fever in Cuba ended with her death. (credit for image of postage stamp honoring Maass)

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