Sunday, September 25, 2011

Go On! Teach-in on U.S. Death Penalty

Hadar Harris, Executive Director of the Center for Human Rights and Humanitarian Law at the Washington College of Law, American University, sends the following announcement about a timely teach-in on the U.S. death penalty:

In the wake of three executions in the US last week, including the highly contentious case of Troy Davis, please join the Center for Human Rights and Humanitarian Law at American University Washington College of Law on Tuesday, September 27 from 12pm – 2pm for a live webcast Teach-In on the Death Penalty with speakers including Prof. Juan Mendez in his capacity as UN Special Rapporteur on Torture; Laura Moye, who led the campaign for Troy Davis as director of the Amnesty International Death Penalty Abolition Campaign; Richard Deiter, executive director of the Death Penalty Information Center; Maryland State Senator Prof. Jamin Raskin discussing efforts in Maryland to abolish the death penalty; Prof. Rick Wilson, drafter of the EU amicus brief in Roper v. Simmons discussing the death penalty and international law, Prof. Ira Robbins discussing post-conviction remedies, Prof. Angela Davis discussing prosecutorial discretion, Prof. Darren Hutchinson discussing social movements and the death penalty, and more.

To patch in, click here. An e-mail address will be available for those watching remotely to send questions/comments for consideration in the discussion.

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