Friday, October 28, 2011

On October 28

On this day in ...
... 1886 (125 years ago today), the Statue of Liberty was dedicated. According to a contemporary New York Times report, ceremonies at "Bedlow's Island" [sic - as our friend and reader Rita Maran's pointed out, the Times should've spelled it "Bedloe," and in any event it's been called "Liberty Island" since the 1950s] in New York Harbor, the new home of the French-made, 46-meters-tall bronze figure, included a formal acceptance by U.S. President Grover Cleveland from the representive of the gift-giver, France. (credit for 1886 painting of unveiling) Another highlight was a waterborne parade of vessels (perhaps the source of the parade term, "floats"?). One vessel belonged to the Woman Suffrage Association, which had been excluded from the ceremonies.

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