Friday, November 11, 2011

Are they too blue?

THE HAGUE – This lovely capital played host this week to an excellent conference on peace diplomacy and global justice.
Yours truly had the honor of speaking yesterday on the role of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, also the topic of my lecture Wednesday at the ICC, and of previous presentations in Ottawa and Chautauqua.
At a reception, a colleague admitted discomfort with the pink cast of IntLawGrrls blog. It's a question with which we've grappled since our founding, as a site where women could contribute their voices to public discourse on matters of international law, policy, and practice, above the slogan "it's our world, after all."
No one would be happier than this 'Grrl if there were no need for such a dedicated space.
But then a notice like this catches the eye, and reminds us that, alas, such a space remains necessary, in our world.


Kevin Jon Heller said...


Do you have any statistics on how many people reads your posts on the site as opposed to through a news reader? I love IntLawGrrls, but I have to admit that I can't stand the color scheme. So I only read the blog via Feedly, my newsreader, which has its own format.

Diane Marie Amann said...

Dear Kevin,

Thanks for your feedback.

What a good question. As far as I know, we have statistics only on:

-- actual visits & page views, via sitemeter:

-- # Twitter followers:!/IntLawGrrls

-- perhaps some way to count on Facebook -- other 'Grrls would know, but that's a medium I neither do nor "get"

Don't know how many subscribe via RSS or similar feed, or simply by e-mail subscription, which is too bad because I get a sense there are a lot of readers who, like you, access us this way. I suspect/hope, though, that they do so for convenience rather than to avoid the color scheme.

That said, I have been thinking that the pink is wearing old, particularly now that a certain corporate-driven charity has commodified the color.

A makeover may not be long off, and suggestions are welcome from you and all readers.

That said, the discomfort conveyed at the reception referred to "pink" as a metaphor for ILG's all-women authorship. As indicated in the principal post, though I deeply wish it were not the case, I fear that there's still a need in our discipline for such a cyberniche.

Kevin Jon Heller said...


My discomfort, of course, is purely aesthetic! I like the symbolism.

According to Feedly, your RSS feed has 941 subscribers. I assume that includes both Feedly and Google Reader, because Feedly is based on Google feeds.

JR said...

As a young female lawyer and hopeful eventual academic, I love that there is an all-women space for smart talk about issues of interest to me. I've grown up with plenty of male talking heads, commentators, & professors, and it is inspiring & encouraging to see people not that different from me doing what you're doing.

In fact, this blog was one source of inspiration for a legal blog I recently started (, also a place where female lawyers can build speak up & a body of work. You'll note the (slight) homage in the color scheme. :)

Thanks for what you do!