Friday, November 18, 2011

On the Job! Director, Global Women's Institute, George Washington University

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The George Washington University is looking for the first director of its Global Women's Institute, which "will focus on enhancing the lives of women and girls worldwide through research, teaching and engaged service in the areas of Health, Education, Rights and Security (HERS)."
The Institute: The Global Women's Institute seeks to enhance the lives of women and girls worldwide through teaching, research, and service. Specifically, the Institute's mission is to connect all elements of the George Washington University to:
  • Assess and respond to the challenges that women and girls face, both in the United States and the world;
  • Recognize and reinforce women's and girls' strengths, opportunities for empowerment, and pivotal roles in improving the world; and
  • Promote and advance equal access to HERS for all women and girls.
Qualifications: International recognition and substantial and extended experience in global women's issues with interests in at least two aspects of the Institute's agenda: girls' health, education, rights and security. Substantial leadership experience and a compelling vision for understanding and addressing the challenges to the HERS agenda. Senior level experience in academia or a professional setting including areas such as financial and human management and/or program planning and assessment. Strong interpersonal skills. Preferably an impressive research record and postgraduate teaching experience. Women and people of color are particularly encouraged to apply.
Search committee: The search committee includes faculty representatives from all ten schools and colleges, students, and representatives from the administration and Board of Trustees.
Questions: Contact Prof. Naomi Cahn for further information and/or for a copy of the full announcement (which is not available online).
Applicants should send a cover letter describing their interest in and qualifications for the position and curriculum vitae to:
Tim McFeeley, Lisa Fisher or Jackie Mildner
Isaacson, Miller
1875 Connecticut Ave NW Suite 710
Washington, DC 20009
Phone: (202) 216-2278
Fax: (202) 682-1272

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