Thursday, November 10, 2011

Work On! Jessup compromis

(Work On! is an occasional item about workshops, roundtables, and other scholarly projects that do not necessarily include publication)

The International Law Students Association welcomes proposals for the 4,000- to 5,000-word problem, or compromis, to be used in the 2013 Philip C. Jessup International Moot Court, an annual competition in which a number of IntLawGrrls have taken part and about which we've posted.
Organizers write:
The Jessup Competition is based on a fictional dispute between countries before the International Court of Justice. Proposals should be in the form of past Jessup Problems (see here). Problems will cover four legal issues, reflected in four prayers for relief at the end, and these issues should be realistic, cutting edge international legal questions. The Jessup Problem should be balanced, both legally and morally, providing both sides with strong arguments on each issue....
Past authors have included international judges, international organization officials, and leading academics and practitioners. ...
Deadline for final proposals is March 1, 2012. Details here.

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