Monday, December 12, 2011

ASP Updates Through the Grapevine

I am heading to the annual meeting of the Assembly of States Parties tomorrow, but some early results from today's voting.
As we've discussed (see here, here, here, here, and here), the ASP memebrs were charged with electing a new Chief Prosecutor and six judges. There is confirmation today that Fatou Bensouda (left), who emerged as a consensus candidate, has been elected as the new Chief prosecutor, as we predicted.
In terms of the first rounds of judicial elections, at the end of the day, an informal tally suggests the following results. Two judges received the necessary 70 votes:
  1. Miriam Defensor-Santiago, 79, from the Philippines (List B) (right)
  2. Anthony Thomas Aquinas Carmona, 72 (GRULAC, List A), from Trinidad & Tobago.
The other candidates fared as follows:

Czech Republic: Fremr, 62 votes

United Kingdom: Morrison, 51

Poland: Czapliński, 46

Domincan Republic: Herrera Carbuccia, 44

France: Cathala, 40

Costa Rica: Urbina Ortega, 36

Colombia: Cifuentes Muñoz, 35

Nigeria: Eboe-Osuji, 34

Mexico: Laynez Potisek, 33

Cyprus: Serghides, 28

Mauritius: Boolell, 27

Democratic Republic of Congo: Mindua, 12

Burkina Faso: Kam, 10

Niger: Nouhou, 7

Sierra Leone: Bankole Thompson, 3

Central African Republic: Bria, 1

The remaining slots must go to one individual representating the Group of Latin American and Carribean States (GRULAC) and one from Eastern Europe. We also need two individuals from List A, who manifest criminal law experience, as opposed to List B, which covers individuals with IHL and human rights experience. Finally, there is a slot for one more male candidate. If you recall, the Independent Panel on ICC Judicial Elections found the Mexican, Cypriot, and Costa Rican candidates to be unqualified under either list.
Elections continue tomorrow...


atty_BK said...

THank you Intlawgrrls for their coverage of the women candidates in this exciting ICC elections. Merry Christmas to all and many thanks !

EBBJena said...

You are the first website I found which has a full voting record. Thanks for that and please keep it that way for the next ballots, if possible!

atty_BK said...

yes, please keep up the coverage..... I could not find any other website online that gave us prompt results ! While everyone thought the elections would run for about a week, Intlawgrrls published results within an hour or so.... Thank you so much Intlawgrrls ! Great reporting !