Wednesday, December 28, 2011

In passing: Jane Larson

Saddened to learn that Jane Larson has passed away.
Larson, who was born in 1958, died earlier this month of natural causes at her home in Madison, Wisconsin. (photo credit)
As many readers will know, she was a scholar and teacher of Property, Women's Legal History, Conflicts of Laws, and Feminist Legal Theory. A a longtime member of the Wisconsin Law faculty, she'd begun her academic career at Northwestern University School of Law, where she twice won the Robert Childress Memorial Award for Teaching Excellence. Larson also served as a Visiting Fellow at the European University Institute Faculty of Law in Fiesole, Italy.
Among the works for which she was noted: a 1998 Columbia Law Review article, "'Women Understand So Little, They Call My Good Nature "Deceit''': A Feminist Rethinking of Seduction,'" and a 1999 Oxford University Press book, Hard Bargains: The Politics of Sex, co-authored with Linda R. Hirshman, a Brandeis women's studies professor emerita. Larson also co-authored the historians' amicus brief in the U.S. Supreme Court's pivotal reproductive privacy decision, Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Washington v. Casey (1992).
Had the opportunity to hear Larson speak once -- in 2003, she gave the 21st Brigitte Bodenheimer Lecture on the Family (later published here) at the University of California, Davis, School of Law. The depth of her scholarship and strength of her presentation inspired.

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