Saturday, December 3, 2011

On December 3

On this day in ...
... 1895, in Vienna, Austria, was born the youngest of 6 children of Sigmund Freud (prior post), who would revolutionize psychoanalysis. Anna Freud (right) herself would become a noted psychoanalyst, with a focus on child patients, having taken up that vocation in her 20s without 1st obtaining a medical degree (she had been, for a short time, a schoolteacher). In 1938, following payment of ransom to Nazi captors, she helped install her parents in exile in London, where her father died the next year. Among her significant works was War and Children (1943), co-authored with another psychoanalyst, Dorothy T. Burlingham. The New York Times wrote that, "based on case studies of the effects of World War II bombing on British children," the book "upset preconceived notions of children's reactions." Anna Freud established the Hampstead Therapy Clinic and served as its director until her death in London in 1982.

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