Friday, January 6, 2012

Blogging trade + environment

Pleased to announce a new member of the international law cybercommunity.
It's Trade & Environment Nexus, a blog subtitled "Exploring synergy, linkage and conflict in trade and environment governance." Launched at the end of last year, the blog, now on our "connections" list at right, promises to analyze law and policy issues at the intersection of -- you guessed it -- trade and the environment. As explained at the site by its founder, Stockholm-based researcher and policy analyst Johan Westberg:
The area often referred to as 'Trade and Environment' is thus a facet of these attempts at integrating environmental consequences into current modes of international economic governance, dealing specifically with the current international trade regime and the places in which it brushes up against environmental issues.
A feature worth noting: in the spirit of IntLawGrrls' own Experts at Law series, Johan includes a list of "key academics" writing at the intersection of trade and environment, and he welcomes you to e-mail him to nominate others who belong on the list.

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