Sunday, January 15, 2012

Go On! Emerging Issues in International Humanitarian Law

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I am pleased to announce an upcoming symposium being sponsored by my institution, Santa Clara University School of Law, on Emerging Issues in Humanitarian Law. The dates are: February 3-4, 2012. The papers and commentaries will be published in the next issue of the Santa Clara Journal of International Law.
The symposium is premised on the observation that while international humanitarian law (IHL) was once an obscure, technical, and highly specialized area of law, aspects of IHL are today the subject of ongoing policymaking efforts and everyday parlance.
Furthermore, there are dozens of cases proceeding in United States, foreign, and international courts adjudicating IHL treaties and customary rules. This process pre-dated the tragic events of 9-11, but those attacks thrust IHL into a spotlight in which it has remained ever since. Notwithstanding this greater attention to the field, misinformation remains within the press, among government policymakers, and even within the legal profession about when IHL applies and what it dictates. In addition, current events continue to generate calls that the existing framework of IHL is ill-equipped to deal with the challenges of modern armed conflicts.
The goal of this symposium is to focus on emerging issues in IHL where IHL norms are most likely to be subject to evolution. Accordingly, the conference will be organized around four panels dedicated to the topics of:
  • The Impact of Advances in Technology on IHL and Vice Versa;
  • The Gender Dimensions of IHL;
  • The Scope of Detention Authority within IHL; and
  • The Interface between IHL and International Human Rights.
The event is co-sponsored by the American Society of International Law.
Speakers and commentators include a number of IntLawGrrls:
Dina Francesca Haynes (New England) (upper left); Kenneth Anderson (American); Johanna Bond (Washington & Lee) (upper right); Geoffrey Corn (S. Texas); Mariano Banos (Department of State); Mark Drumbl (Washington & Lee); David Glazier (Loyola); Oren Gross (Minnesota); Deborah Pearlstein (Cardozo) (left middle); Kristine Huskey (Physicians for Human Rights) (right); Kate Jastram (Berkeley) (below right); Greg McNeal (Pepperdine); Ashley Deeks (Columbia) (left); Abe Sofaer (Stanford); and Richard Wilson (American).
The keynote will be offered by Louise Doswald-Beck (bottom left), a Professor of the Graduate Institute of International Studies and the Geneva Academy of International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights and co-author of the International Committee of the Red Cross's momentous study on customary IHL.
The ICRC's customary international law database is available here. The full symposium schedule is available here.

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