Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year, new look

As readers no doubt have noted, IntLawGrrls got a holiday makeover.
We've moved to what we hope is a crisper, warmer, more dynamic look. New features:
New address: http://www.intlawgrrls.com/. All posts, etc., are supposed to transfer to this address; fingers crossed.
► The globe that symbolizes our world still appears at right – but in a slideshow of every one of the nearly 250 of us who've contributed to IntLawGrrls since its founding.
Pages presenting in-depth information about the 'Grrls. Click at the tab line just below our blog heading, or at corresponding items in one of the 2 righthand columns. On various pages, you'll find text-plus-captioned-slideshows: about us; about all IntLawGrrls contributors; and about the more than 100 transnational foremothers who inspire our work. (More such pages to come.)
Everyone who posts, however many times, is now an IntLawGrrls "contributor." From now on, after a 'Grrl's introductory posting, her subsequent contributions will be indicated only by the now-much-easier-to-read byline at the bottom of every post. (If you'd like to read more by or about an author, click her label – her initials or name – located just below her byline.)
In addition to the front-page slideshow, everyone appears alphabetically at the contributors page – in a captioned slideshow and a detailed list. In the list, click a 'Grrl's name to see her profile; to the right of that, click "posts" to see everything that's been written by or about her at our site.
4 of us now are recognized as "editors": yours truly, Diane Marie Amann, who founded IntLawGrrls in 2007; 2 'Grrls who soon joined and have contributed many items and much help with editing and administering the blog, Jaya Ramji-Nogales and Beth Van Schaack; and IntLawGrrls' socia media maven, Kathleen A. Doty.
A white text background that we hope will make posts easier to read – even as we retain our rosy look in our frame and accents. (Bear with us as we work out some of the color-variation kinks.)
Presentation of most items in about 400 or 500 words, with an invitation to click "read more" to view longer posts in their entirety. "Read more" allows easier scrolling of what's visible on the blog. Coupled with the "featured posts" and "archive" items at right, the contributors' "all posts" list, and the keyword search box in our upper left corner, they offer multiple ways to search for IntLawGrrls' posts. (Tip: Another way's simply to Google the keyword and our name. "New look intlawgrrls" ought to retrieve this post, for instance. )
Having welcomed more than 600,000 unique visits to date, we at IntLawGrrls look forward to another great year of giving voice to international law, policy, and practice.


Kevin Jon Heller said...

Let me be the first to say how much I love the new look!

Diane Marie Amann said...

Thanks, Kevin!

Anonymous said...

The new look is great! Thanks for all the great posts, and Happy New Year.