Tuesday, March 27, 2012

On the Job! Legal Adviser, Sarajevo

(On the Job! pays occasional notice to interesting intlaw job notices)

From my former student Christopher Engels, who, I'm delighted to announce, is the new Head of Judicial and Legal Reform Section of the Organisation for Co-Operation and Security Mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina, comes word of this great job opportunity in that Section:
The OSCE Mission to BiH is seeking applications for the position of Legal Adviser, War Crimes and Transitional Justice, to be stationed in Sarajevo. The successful applicant will begin work this June 4.
Applicants should possess inter alia a minimum of 6 years' relevant professional experience in criminal justice, international legal procedure, and courtroom proceedings. Specified is the requirement of "[s]ound knowledge of legal issues related to war crime trials and the Bosnia and Herzegovina justice system."
The notice states in part:
'[T]he Legal Adviser, War Crimes and Transitional Justice is responsible for defining the range of issues and advocacy opportunities upon which the Human Dimension Department can engage effectively to promote reform, and ensure that concepts such as outreach and transparency develop within the Bosnia and Herzegovina (BaH) criminal justice system. Within the scope of the war crimes trials and processes that impact on transitional justice in Bosnia-Herzegovina, the incumbent will work closely with the Judicial and Legal Reform Section (JLRS) Legal Advisers to assess where reform is needed and how existing reform processes can be aided and expanded to better care for the needs of victims, witnesses and the general public. The incumbent will also work closely with the Senior Human Dimension Officers and the field staff to collect contextual information about the importance of individual war crimes cases to the local communities.'
Deadline for applications is April 9, 2012; details on application process, specific duties, and required qualifications here.

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