Friday, March 23, 2012

Read On! Trade, women's rights

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I'm pleased to let IntLawGrrls readers know about two of my new books, relating to women's rights:
► Susan Tiefenbrun, Women's International and Comparative Human Rights (Carolina Academic Press, 2012). This book is particularly interesting for use in the law school classroom, because it is a short casebook with an Appendix containing the human rights treaties, including the recent Convention on Persons with Disabilities as well as the Rome Statute for the establishment of the International Criminal Court. It is designed to be used for courses in international human rights and women's international human rights, and can be used on the university level as well.
► Susan Tiefenbrun, Tax Free Trade Zones of the World and in the United States (Edward Elgar Press, 2012). This book relates to employing women in free trade zones in countries all over the world in order to stimulate growth in the economies of developing and developed nations.

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