Sunday, April 15, 2012

Rights as Usual business & human rights blog

Thank you to IntLawGrrls for inviting me to contribute again, this time to introduce my new blog, Rights as Usual, which is now in the "connections" list at right.
Business and human rights is a fast moving and challenging area at the crossroads of law, policy, and the more business-oriented discipline of Corporate Social Responsibility, which tends to put international lawyers such as myself outside of their comfort zones. As the principles have yet to crystallise into binding international law, a lot of the writing over it is somewhat experimental from a strictly legal point of view. I have tried to explore these muddy waters via Twitter for the past 2 years, but the topic decidedly deserves more than micro-posts of 140 characters.
For these reasons, I have decided to create my own blog, in which I plan to explore the subject of business and human rights, focusing on the legal aspects but without the constraints of formal legal academic writing.
Other colleagues at my home institution, Middlesex University, who are working in human rights, such as Professor William Schabas and Dr Jérémie Gilbert, will occasionally contribute guest posts, reflecting developing expertise in the area.
Finally, since many of my colleagues (and myself!) are French speakers, the blog features a section “en Français,” and from time to time the blog posts will be in French.
Happy reading!

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