Friday, May 4, 2012

'Nuff said

(Taking context-optional note of thought-provoking quotes)
 '[H]e supported France's ban on face-covering veils and would not allow separate hours in swimming pools for men and women.'
-- The BBC's report on the state of Presidential politics in France, where voters Sunday will choose whether to re-elect President Nicolas Sarkozy or to replace him with François Hollande (below left) of the Parti socialiste. The "he" in the quote is Hollande. A Le Monde article provided direct quotes of his statements, made Tuesday in the sole Presidential debate, in which Hollande promised that as President he would permit "no derogation" from current French laws regarding laïcité (a term that translates, ever so roughly, as separation of religion and state). This leader of the party on the left assured that the veil ban, on which IntLawGrrls frequently have posted, would be "'strictly enforced.'" (photos here and here) What's more:
'Il a aussi répété qu'il ne tolérerait "aucun horaire pour les femmes dans les piscines ni de viande halal dans les cantines".'
That bit of poésie on what's not to be allowed in France's public facilities translates as follows:
'He also repeated that he would tolerate neither women's hours in swimming pools nor halal food in cafeterias.'

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