Sunday, May 20, 2012

'Nuff said

'The days of blowing up the relationship over a single guy are over.'

-- No, it's not a nod of agreement between 2 BFFs.
The sentence comes from an unnamed official quoted in a recent New York Times story, "Behind Twists of Diplomacy in the Case of a Chinese Dissident." Steven Lee Myers and Mark Landler quoted a number of such officials in reporting how diplomats from the United States and China managed to work through this month's unexpected arrival, at the former's embassy in the latter's country, of Chen Guangcheng (below right), a Chinese lawyer-activist who'd escaped from house arrest. (photo credit) Yesterday, Chen and his family flew from Beijing to Newark. Outside his new home at New York University, this morning's New York Times reports,
'He said he was grateful to the American Embassy and the Chinese government, which allowed him to leave China, and thanked Chinese officials for "dealing with the situation with restraint and calm."'
'"I hope to see that they continue to open discourse and earn the respect and trust of the people."'

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