Saturday, June 2, 2012

Go On! Victims & the ICC, in Oslo

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Marking the 10th anniversary of the entry into force of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court will be a seminar entitled Societal Reintegration of Victims of Core International Crimes, to be held June 7, 2012, in Oslo, Norway. The event's sponsored by the Forum for International Criminal and Humanitarian Law and further supported by the Royal Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Faculty of Law, Norwegian Centre for Human Rights, University of Oslo.
Organizers write:
'[P]articipation in criminal proceedings may have little if any effect on the reintegration of victims in society. Reparations may assist victims during the process of transition that societal reintegration entails, but only to a limited extent. Full reintegration entails a much broader spectrum of normalization in the lives of victims: it requires a return to work or education, the housing market, family structures, civil society engagement, and social inclusion. The process has a significant socio-psychological dimension. What are the concrete needs of victims for successful reintegration? What are the relevant limitations of the ICC's current mandates regarding victim participation, assistance and reparations? How far does the responsibility of the international community extend? Is there a need for national regulation to foster the societal reintegration of victims of core international crimes?'
Among the persons scheduled to speak: ICC Prosecutor-Elect Fatou Bensouda; M. Cherif Bassiouni, Emeritus Professor of Law at DePaul University in Chicago; Norwegian State Secretary Gry Larsen; Norwegian Ambassador Anniken Ramberg Krutnes; Jasminka Džumhur, Ombudsperson of Bosnia and Herzegovina; Nora Sveaass, Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of Oslo; and Maria Luisa Martinod-Jacome, Chief of the ICC's Victims and Witnesses Unit.
Full program and details on registration here.

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